Publications & Presentations


  • Generation Expansion Planning Considering Health Damages – A Simulation-Based Optimization Approach, IEEE Transactions on Sustainable EnergyRodgers, D. Coit, F. Felder, A.G. Carlton – 2017 (Under Review)
  • Assessing the Effects of Power Grid Expansion on Human Health Externalities, Socio-Economic Planning Sciences, M. Rodgers, D. Coit, F. Felder, A.G. Carlton – 2017 (Under Review)
  • Metamodeling Human Health Externalities of Power Grid Expansion Plans, Rodgers, D. Coit, F. Felder, A.G. Carlton – 2017 (Working Paper)
  • Temporalization of Peak Electric Generation PM Emissions during High Energy Demand Days, Environmental Science & Technology, C.M. Farkas, M.D. Moeller, F. Felder, K.R. Baker, M. Rodgers, A.G. Carlton – 2015

Conference Proceedings

  • A new methodology for solving multi-objective stochastic optimization problems with independent objective functions, 2013 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, S. Selcuklu, D. Coit, F. Felder, M. Rodgers, N. Wattanapongsakorn
  • System Reliability Optimization Considering Uncertain Future Operating Conditions and Usage Stresses, 18th ISSAT Reliability and Quality in Design Conference, N. Chatwattanasiri, D. Coit, M. Rodgers, S. Song – 2012


  • Simulation-based Optimization Models for Electricity Generation Expansion Planning Problems Considering Human Health Externalities, INFORMS Annual Meeting – Oct 2017, Houston, TX
  • Effects of Human Health Externalities on Expansion Plans, M. Rodgers, D. Coit, and F. Felder, INFORMS Annual Meeting – Nov 2014, San Francisco, CA
  • Meta-modeling Societal Health Costs of Electricity Generation Using Kriging, ISERC – May 2013, San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • A Roadmap for National Science Formulating the Generation Expansion Planning Problem to Include Societal Health Costs – INFORMS Annual Meeting – Oct 2012, Phoenix, AZ